I have had a love of the fine arts since childhood.  My parents will tell you that I always had at least one project (and mess) going at any time. I love oils, acrylics, pottery, sculpture, and any craft!  When applying to college, it had to make a decision about whether to pursue an art degree or engineering degree.  Engineering won out, but I took as many arts courses as I could fit into my schedule.  After "real" life started, work, family and home life got in the way of my creations.  Until I found Photoshop!  Digital art allows me to be creative without the mess.  I love that I can combine the digital medium with my artistic talents and engineering skills to create logos, graphics and print material that communicate a message simply and effectively.

My "real" job is in new product development, but my "real" love is still in the arts.  If you have an idea for a project and would like someone to brainstorm with, I would love to discuss it with you.

-Sheri Palazzo-